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A profile picture of Amitesh Datta, Department of Mathematics, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.

My name is Amitesh Datta and I am a pure mathematician working in low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory, representation theory and symplectic topology. In my research, I am developing a new theory in the braid groups to establish results in disparate areas of mathematics. 

A video of my seminar talk on some of my research work can be found here: "Does the Jones polynomial of a knot detect the unknot? A novel approach via braid group representations and class groups of number fields" (accessible to all mathematicians). I am also extremely passionate about teaching and mentoring students at all levels and here is a short video on an official Princeton University YouTube channel where a student talks about the impact of my teaching.

I received my PhB degree in science with first class honours at the Australian National University in 2014 and my PhD in pure mathematics at Princeton University in 2019. I was then appointed as a lecturer in the mathematics department at Princeton University. My CV is available as a PDF file on this page and in the menu above you can find more detailed information about my mathematics research, teaching and service/outreach at Princeton University.

My preferred contact email address is

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